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Turn Around Time for Our Services

We are offerings multiple services across the globe by focus their time frames. When you are running short of time do not panic and come straight at CareServicesTech to get your project within no time. We are dealing in the following services:

  • Transcription services (Medical transcription, Legal transcription, EMR transcription and General transcription)
  • Captioning services (Closed captioning, Open captioning, Offline captioning, Broadcast captioning and Youtube captioning
  • Subtitiling services (Video subtitle, Film subtitle, Dubbing and subtitle)
  • Audio description services
  • Typing services (Document typing, Legal typing, Video typing and
  • Voiceover services (Audio voiceover and Video voiceover)
We have a 24-hour turnaround and 12-hour turnaround for handling back anytype of projects to the clients. However, if you need them at 36 or 48-hour turnaround, our prices are considerably low for that.

Get your project back the very next few hours through our reliable, secure and state of the art infrastructure. Our normal dispatch time for the provided project is one business day. We have a secure facility equipped with redundant power and bandwidth supplies in order to ensure our turnaround time commitments to our clients.

For more details on the turnaroud time of specific services, You can contact us by filling form below at the bottom or directly approach us by following emails or Call Us on the provided number that has been mentioned on top of the page.
  1. Sales Queries:  sales@careservicestech.com
  2. Customer Care:  support@careservicestech.com
  3. Billing:  billing@careservicestech.com