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EMR Transcription Services

We provides a quick, accurate and reliable EMR transcriptions to healthcare facilities all over the world. The process behind our EMR transcription service is aimed to reduce the turnaround time and amount you spend on the service. The client sends us the dictation files and other relevant data to us. We transcribe them into an electronic text data. We carry out three level quality check of the transcribed files. We enter the transcribed files into the client’s EMR system. Quality check of the EMR files. Finally, we dispatch the transcribed documents to the client via secure channels.

At CareServicesTech, we offer affordable EMR transcription services of the highest quality. Recognizing the importance of medical & health document and data accuracy in the software, the professionals working for us strives for and guarantees more than 99 percent accuracy. To ensure this, our transcription services use a two-stage quality assurance procedure in which a transcribed material is double-checked and re-verified.

At CST Transcription, we have a professional team of experienced EMR transcriptionists that are well-versed in their professions. We've worked on hundreds of EMR projects, our company can comprehend the need of meticulously producing health documents. Our dedication to delivering exceptional service has earned us the trust of doctors.

We aim at exceeding any compliance standard in EMR transcription. Please contact us at support@careservicestech.com or submit form below for getting more information on this services.