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Audio/Video to Text Transcription Services

All individuals and organisations in need of turning the audio portion of a video into text can use our Video Transcription service. It is not limited to one person or profession. We serve globally and with efficiency to all.

We make audio available to everyone. Our services enable you to create text and subtitles from audio or video, either automatically and flawlessly or with the assistance of our language experts and professional sub-titles. Start by uploading your file. Many international accents and dialects are deciphered by our staff of highly qualified transcriptionists and quality analyzers. Whether you prefer a literal transcript, a more streamlined document free of any kind of repetition and filler, or a completely customized format, we provide numerous levels of service. Our company will provide you with an error-free transcript as soon as possible, according to your demands.

We aim at exceeding any compliance standard in audio/video transcription. Please contact us at support@careservicestech.com or submit form below for getting more information on this services.